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School Camp #5 😏

When had found all the things we needed to find for a shelter we started to build. We decided to go to bed into our tents and we were asleep in 5 minutes.

At about 7:30 the next morning we got everything packed up and we set off, Olivia looked bloodshot in the eyes from a horrendous sleep. Heading down the track in the forest we soon came across a flowing river.

” Whats that over there” said Olivia. ” I’m not too sure.” I replied to her.

“Lets go over and see what it is.” ” It’sΒ a cute little golden retriever.” I bet it can help us find our way home.” I said to them.



School Camp #4 😏

” W…What do you want.” I asked the old man. ” I WAN’T YOU TO LEAVE, I’ve had to many kids come to my farm and DEMOLISH everything so, GET LOST! ” replied the old man, We ran for it.

” He was awfully scary, he must really hate children.” said one of my friends. We started heading off back down the path and soon came across a Racoon sitting on a chair, destroying aΒ box.

We noticed theΒ skyΒ turning grey, the weather was turningΒ tempestuousΒ we had to find cover. We all quickly all went to find materials. I went over and picked up a massive banana leaf, this will be great.Β Β 

















































































































































































































































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School Camp #3 😏

” Where on earth are we.” asked one of my friends nervously. I…don’t know I replied. We were in the middle of nowhere we had only a couple of sandwiches, and a compass.

When are we going to get out, will we die, how are we going to survive,” “Calm down Olivia, we’ll get out of here somehow.” I replied.

1 minute later we walked into a farmyard. “Were SAVED said my friends.” Don’t talk to soon, that old man over there doesn’t look friendly. 1 shot of his gun he moved closer and closer,Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β The deafening screams echoed into the cold night.Β Β 

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School Camp #2 😏

After the teacher found out that what the little boy had done he got sent back to school. I don’t think he was very happy because he was screaming awfully loud.

After all the excitement me and my friends went for a walk into the forest. We set off we had packed our lunch, compass, and map. We were as excited as a kid in a candy store that could by what ever the want.

We headed off down the path heading for the river 2 miles ahead. After 5 minutes we found this interesting tree we walked towards it then we disappeared into the night.

School Camp Crime 😊

Today our school is going on camp to Canberra. We left 5:00 in the morning. The morning after we had left the school principal came round and woke everybody up to get ready to go visit the prime minister. We set of at 9:00 to the parliament house. We finally arrived, we all piled out of the bus as excited as a child on Christmas eve. Then I saw a little boy run off. Then the teacher started talking and I looked back towards her. After about 4 minutes the teacher noticed the little boy on the roof and yelled at the top of her lungs GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!!!! his attempt to steal the Australian flag was over. He got sent home and was in MASSIVE trouble.Β 


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