School Camp Crime 😊

Today our school is going on camp to Canberra. We left 5:00 in the morning. The morning after we had left the school principal came round and woke everybody up to get ready to go visit the prime minister. We set of at 9:00 to the parliament house. We finally arrived, we all piled out of the bus as excited as a child on Christmas eve. Then I saw a little boy run off. Then the teacher started talking and I looked back towards her. After about 4 minutes the teacher noticed the little boy on the roof and yelled at the top of her lungs GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!!!! his attempt to steal the Australian flag was over. He got sent home and was in MASSIVE trouble.Β 


One thought on “School Camp Crime 😊

  1. Goodness! I hope this doesn’t happen when we go next year!

    Many of your sentences display a really interesting structure, well done. I wish you would use the conjunction “then” less often.


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