School Camp #4 😏

” W…What do you want.” I asked the old man. ” I WAN’T YOU TO LEAVE, I’ve had to many kids come to my farm and DEMOLISH everything so, GET LOST! ” replied the old man, We ran for it.

” He was awfully scary, he must really hate children.” said one of my friends. We started heading off back down the path and soon came across a Racoon sitting on a chair, destroying aΒ box.

We noticed theΒ skyΒ turning grey, the weather was turningΒ tempestuousΒ we had to find cover. We all quickly all went to find materials. I went over and picked up a massive banana leaf, this will be great.Β Β 

















































































































































































































































One thought on “School Camp #4 😏

  1. Hi Caelin,

    I really enjoyed reading your story because you had me wonder what had happened before the old man told the kids off, and then I was also left thinking about what would happen after the storm.

    Overall, you managed to create a really strong picture, using a variety of “show, don’t tell” techniques, for example when you main character stutters, betraying his or her fear of the old man.

    Wonderful writing. I look forward to your next piece.

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