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Snow Trip 😲

Sitting behind the wheel of a ford Ute sat Terry in the middle of snowy Antarctica. Terry was as happy as a 3 year old on Christmas eve. All of a sudden smoke started bursting out of the engine, the car alarm started beeping, the window wipers started waving everywhere he was stunned. “What on earth is going on, am I going to survive? ” Terry said. Cautiously he jumped out of the car raging on what was going on. Terry heard something behind him, he worriedly turned around, “W…W….What on earth a POLAR BEAR.” he looked at him with devious eyes, he looked awfully hungry, he smelt, TERRIBLE. Terrifyingly the bear liked his lips with a heap of bear slobber flowing out. What was going on. Drenched Terry started to back away. Within 1 minute the bear caught his eye on something more delicious and slowly backed away. That was a close encounter, I almost got EATEN by a polar bear.Β Β 

Dress up day 🐘

Today it’s our school animal dress up day, I am dressing up as a Elephant. I pull on my costume and jump into the car.

I climb out of the car and walk into school, oh great, my enemy. He looked at me in a disgusted way as if he didn’t like it at all. I walked into the classroom just as my teacher called me up to do my speech about dress up day because I am SRC.Β 

I started my speech but before I could say anything my enemy said, “And Then the elephant gave his speech.”Β Was this day going to turn out great or not.Β 

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🎊 The Competition 🎊

Me and my friend are going to Egypt to try and find a ancient viola. Thousands ofΒ  people are trying to find the lostΒ instrument,Β because of the prize which is a bucket of gold.Β The precious instrument got lost nearly 500 years ago.

When I told my friend that we should try to find it, she just whimpered at me, until I told her what the prize was, and then she jumped at the chance.

“We’ve searched everywhere,” I moaned to my friend. Then just like that I tripped. When I picked myself up, I noticed a and uncovered the sand, it was the viola. “We WON.”Β  Β Β Β 

Β  Β  Β 

School Camp #6 😏

The golden retriever came up to us as he knew who we are. “That’s when I knew I should run.” Calm down Olivia the dog won’t hurt you, stop being such scaredy cat.

“Lets name him Teddy.” I say.

“Teddy has very impeccable manners.” Olivia announces. Teddy starts looking around, “I think he knows the way home.” I say.

Sure enough Teddy led us way home. “Mum!” I yell.Β  “Sophie!Β  your safe, I can’t believe your home, Dad and I were awfully worried about you.” Mum you won’t believe me but a golden retriever helped us find our way home, can we keep him.” “Absolutely he saved you.”Β  Β Β 

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