School Camp #6 😏

The golden retriever came up to us as he knew who we are. “That’s when I knew I should run.” Calm down Olivia the dog won’t hurt you, stop being such scaredy cat.

“Lets name him Teddy.” I say.

“Teddy has very impeccable manners.” Olivia announces. Teddy starts looking around, “I think he knows the way home.” I say.

Sure enough Teddy led us way home. “Mum!” I yell.Β  “Sophie!Β  your safe, I can’t believe your home, Dad and I were awfully worried about you.” Mum you won’t believe me but a golden retriever helped us find our way home, can we keep him.” “Absolutely he saved you.”Β  Β Β 

One thought on “School Camp #6 😏

  1. Nice work, it’s amazing how the prompts work out well for your continuing story idea.

    Just one thing… the way the prompt is worded sounds more like a thought that a spoken sentence, so maybe leave it as a thought, then show your character doing or saying something, to which their friend can reply “Calm down Olivia, etc…”

    Good job!

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