Dress up day 🐘

Today it’s our school animal dress up day, I am dressing up as a Elephant. I pull on my costume and jump into the car.

I climb out of the car and walk into school, oh great, my enemy. He looked at me in a disgusted way as if he didn’t like it at all. I walked into the classroom just as my teacher called me up to do my speech about dress up day because I am SRC.Β 

I started my speech but before I could say anything my enemy said, “And Then the elephant gave his speech.”Β Was this day going to turn out great or not.Β 

One thought on “Dress up day 🐘

  1. Hello Caelin,
    I love your story, But maybe next time dont put full stops nearly every sentence. I like how u have based it on almost real life
    Good job

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