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The Thunderstorm πŸŒͺ😲

It was Friday the 24th of July, my brother and I were walking home from school, all of a sudden a gigantic thunderstorm started. Then it began, Trees were rocking back and fourth, school hats are blowing everywhere through the sky, tin from rooves are blowing through the sky as well,Β  leaves are blowing everywhere, what on earth is going on ?

We start sprinting home as fast as a rabbit about to catch it’s prey. 2 minutes later we burst through the door and we start yelling, ” MUM, MUM, MUM,MUM.” Were’s Mum shouldn’t she be home from work by now.

The Scary House πŸ§›β€β™‚οΈ

It’s 4:30 pm on a Thursday night after school. A group of friends and myself are looking for a DilapidatedΒ house that had been lost since probably the 1900’s. 85% of people in the neighborhood had been searching for the lost house for a very long time. We followed a path that was about 10 m long, then all of a sudden we disappeared into the air and ended right at the front of an old wooden door.Β 

“The door creaked open with out anything touching it, the crows started screeching, a deafening scream came from inside. What on earth was going on?Β  “And then I saw it.”Β Β 


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