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Summer Camp 😎

“Ella! come here please.” I go down stairs and bump straight into Mum. “There you are, I’ve booked you to go on a summer camp,Β  it goes for 2 weeks so start packingΒ  please.

2 days later I’m standing out the front of a big bus.

“Bye Mum.” I say.

2 hours later we pulled up out the front of the camp site. I around and I see a group of kids heading to the swamp, so I follow them.

I reach the swamp and see them going in the water, that’s forbidden I say to myself. They never should have said yes.

Halloween Disaster

Halloween GREAT!

I don’t know about you but Halloween is the worst day of the year. Unfortunately my job this Halloween is to deliver the pumpkins and apples. I woke up at 6:30, got myself ready, then I devour my breakfast, got my bike from the shed filled, my bike up with pumpkins and apples and set off.

15 minutes later I pulled up at the first customers house and knocked on the door and then left the basket at the door. All of a sudden the road starts to get slippery my bike slides then crashes straight into a hay bale.

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Traffic Jam

Today I’m going to the most exciting thing, I’m going to a dance competition in Adelaide. The competition starts at 12:30 so we have to get moving.

4 hours later we are going through the hills of Adelaide, I feel so excited I’ve been practicing for this for the whole year.

30 minutes later we are entering the main part of Adelaide then all of a sudden I see a huge line of cars, A traffic jam! seriously. 45 minutes later we gradually things started to move. I begged my Mum for a frothy Hot chocolate, then we started to head for the theater.

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COVID-19 lockdown

I am so excited because my best friend is coming back to school today. I haven’t seen her for ages because of the corona virus. I got up early and got ready for school, I jump into the car ready as a cat about to pounce.

I arrive at school at 8:30 am. I race out of the car say goodbye to Mum and go find Amelie. As soon as I put my bag down someone taps me on the shoulder I turn around and I’ts Amelie.

“I’m so happy to see you, so how was lockdown for you.” I say.