Underground Bunker

I pushed open the old wooden door excited to see what was inside. My friends and I went to check out the old underground bunker underneath the school. We all walk into the bunker and find the light switch. You won’t believe what we saw it was covered in old army equipment. We all scream in shock.

“This must have been hear for ages.” said one of my friends.

We start looking around until I notice aΒ  letter. I start reading, the date was from 1915, world war 1. I put it down and went to get my friends. I came back.

“But Where did it go?” I shouted

2 thoughts on “Underground Bunker

  1. Fanstastic story! I loved your opening sentence – it drew me in straight away. In addition, you have used expanded noun phrases which makes me feel that I am in that underground bunker. Great work.

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