Halloween Disaster

Halloween GREAT!

I don’t know about you but Halloween is the worst day of the year. Unfortunately my job this Halloween is to deliver the pumpkins and apples. I woke up at 6:30, got myself ready, then I devour my breakfast, got my bike from the shed filled, my bike up with pumpkins and apples and set off.

15 minutes later I pulled up at the first customers house and knocked on the door and then left the basket at the door. All of a sudden the road starts to get slippery my bike slides then crashes straight into a hay bale.

Traffic Jam

Today I’m going to the most exciting thing, I’m going to a dance competition in Adelaide. The competition starts at 12:30 so we have to get moving.

4 hours later we are going through the hills of Adelaide, I feel so excited I’ve been practicing for this for the whole year.

30 minutes later we are entering the main part of Adelaide then all of a sudden I see a huge line of cars, A traffic jam! seriously. 45 minutes later we gradually things started to move. I begged my Mum for a frothy Hot chocolate, then we started to head for the theater.

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COVID-19 lockdown

I am so excited because my best friend is coming back to school today. I haven’t seen her for ages because of the corona virus. I got up early and got ready for school, I jump into the car ready as a cat about to pounce.

I arrive at school at 8:30 am. I race out of the car say goodbye to Mum and go find Amelie. As soon as I put my bag down someone taps me on the shoulder I turn around and I’ts Amelie.

“I’m so happy to see you, so how was lockdown for you.” I say.

Antarctica πŸ₯Ά

Climbing into a big boat, 17 people and I are going to Antarctica to research on 5 different types ofΒ  endangered animals. 6 hours later we arrive in Antarctica.

I pull the door open and step outside, “It’s f…f…freezing out here.” I race back into the cabin and grab my giant snow coat.

I haven’t eaten the whole trip, I’m ravenous, so I grab a muffin and walk back outside. Something catches my eye there is something out in the middle of the water, It’s a polar bear, standing out on a broken piece of ice.Β 

The Polar bear looks a bit stranded.Β 

The Mystery Machine 😲

Walking through the path to the middle of the frozen lake. It’s the middle of winter, my friend and I are on a walk. We found the lake a few months ago it was still water but now it’s frozen.

“What is this.” My friend says.

There was something in the middle of the path we have never seen before. It was big and brown with navy green stripesΒ on it. We find a handle reach out and open it, it feels like rubber. We climb in.

“It’s veryΒ pokyΒ in here.” I say.

We feel excited.Β 

“It looks like a old time travelling machine!”



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The Odd looking Zebra πŸ¦“ ?

I pull my bag on and open the front door, step outside. Within 5 minutes it starts to rain, I race back inside and grab my umbrella ” lets try this again.” I say.

As I go out the door I pricked myself on the cactus I’ve been telling Mum too get rid of that smelly cactus.

As I was walking on the way too school I see out the corner of my eye a yellow zebra WHAT !!!!!! How is there a yellow zebra walking in the middle of town.

All of a sudden someone yells in my face, and wake up it was just a dream.Β  Β 

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The Disappeared Friend 😱

I carry my bag out the door and climb onto my bike, I’m going to my friend Bella’s house for a sleepover, were going to attempt to stay up all night.

5 minutes later I’m at the front door of her house and I knock. Then I hear footsteps getting louder and louder the door burst open and Bella yells out “Your here come with me”

She pulls me inside and to the front garden and shows me a very scrawny looking cat.

I turn aroundΒ but when I looked behind me she was gone. She just disappeared into thin air.


Speech Disaster 😯

I’m pacing around my bedroom nervous as a mouse about to be eaten. Today’s my big day I’m going for a job at the most popular restaurant in Adelaide. I’ve been yearning for this job since I was 16 years old. I am going for the job of the head chef. But the most ominous thing is that what if I mess up my speech.

Half an hour later I was standing up in front of every single person that worked at the restaurant. I started speaking. ” Hello everyone my name is…”

Then the crowd erupted with laughter.Β Were they laughing ?

The Car Slide πŸš—πŸ˜²

” Hello It’s James from the car mechanic place at the edge of the river, I was coming out to get a car and then the whole platform holding about 50 cars on it just collapsed, It’s on it’s side and some of the cars are in the water, I NEED HELP.”

Quietly I sat down on the edge of the garden bed trying to be patient.Β  30 minutes later I was still sitting on the edge of the garden bed waiting for the crane. ” Where on earth is this crane, I’ve been waiting for ages. Then all of a sudden I wasΒ startledΒ by someone. Who was that ?



The Thunderstorm πŸŒͺ😲

It was Friday the 24th of July, my brother and I were walking home from school, all of a sudden a gigantic thunderstorm started. Then it began, Trees were rocking back and fourth, school hats are blowing everywhere through the sky, tin from rooves are blowing through the sky as well,Β  leaves are blowing everywhere, what on earth is going on ?

We start sprinting home as fast as a rabbit about to catch it’s prey. 2 minutes later we burst through the door and we start yelling, ” MUM, MUM, MUM,MUM.” Were’s Mum shouldn’t she be home from work by now.